10 Festive Pizzas to Eat Instead of Christmas Dinner

We're not denying the wonder of Christmas dinner, it's just sometimes it can be a bit overdone. What's wrong with snuggling up in front of an open fire and digging into a gooey, belly-warming slice of pizza? We've found the most festive, and comforting pizza recipes to make you feel like an unashamed Christmas rebel!

1. Pizza Pockets

Giada's Pizza Pockets are a great way to use up all that turkey, and they will be a sure-fire hit with any guest.

2. Brussels Sprouts and Ricotta Pizza

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We know that sprouts tend to have a bad rep. But on a pizza? Who can deny their deliciousness?

3. Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Fig Pizza

These pizza toppings are so festive you'll be begging for a slice on Christmas day.

4. Pizzettes with Caramelised Onions, Goat's Cheese and Prosciutto

These teeney-tiny pizzas are the perfect little treat. Who needs a prawn vol-au-vent when you have a mini pizza?

5. Gorgonzola Piccante Pizza with Courgettes and Balsamic Onions

Blue cheese and caramelised onions are a match made in heaven. This pizza is perfect every day, and not just at Christmas!

6. Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham and Basil Pizza

An indulgent pizza that could beat a turkey anyday in a food fight.

7. Wholewheat Brussels Sprout, Squash and Ricotta Pizza

Probably the healthiest pizza on our list, but with a tempting sprout, squash and cheese topping it's just as difficult to resist it.

8. Cranberry Sauce, Bacon and Gorgonzola Pastry Pizza

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This is literally all you need from a festive pizza. Blue cheese, bacon and cranberry sauce. We're done.

9. Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread

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Even though it's not technically a pizza, we had to make room for this doughy, comforting creation on our list.

10. Gluten-Free Turkey Meatball Personal Pizzas

The cutest, personalised pizzas we've found and they're gluten-free! It's a win, win.