10 Most Shocking Ketchup Confessions

Calling all ketchup addicts! We want to know your deepest, darkest ketchup confessions. What is the most unusual ketchup combo you’ve created? Do you squirt it over salads and stir it into gravy but cannot stand it touching your baked beans in a full-English breakfast?

What’s your go-to ketchup brand?

We quizzed our office on the strangest things they put ketchup on and in. Here are 10 of the weirdest responses…

1. Ketchup on Toast

“For those days when butter or marmalade just isn’t good enough for my lazy toast dinners.”

2. Macaroni Cheese with Ketchup

“The vinegar in ketchup cuts through the richness of the cheese and makes me feel better about eating macaroni cheese three nights in a row.”

3. Ketchup Salad

“Ever since I was little I’ve never eaten salad unless it’s been covered in ketchup.”

4. Crisps and Ketchup Dip

“I never make proper salsa. What’s the point when you can use a bowl of ketchup instead?”

5. Peas and Ketchup

“The ultimate dinner for my solitary nights in. It’s a taste sensation.”

6. Ketchup Cheese Slice Rolls

“All you need to is line up the cheese slices and roll them up. If you want to be fancy, fashion a Swiss roll- and slice into wheels.”

7. Ketchup Gravy

“I put ketchup in gravy, and I love it with Shepherd’s Pie… alongside some brown sauce.”

8. Instant Noodles and Ketchup

“I can’t cook and sometimes the seasoning packet in noodles just doesn’t add enough flavour so I douse them in ketchup.”

9. Ketchup Pizza

“I know it’s already got tomato sauce on it but I can’t eat pizza without ketchup on. Italian nonnas are probably turning in their graves.”

10. In Chocolate Cake

“I’ve never told anyone that those delicious chocolate cakes I make for their birthdays have ketchup in them. The moisture and flavour it adds is second to none.”

What’s your most shocking ketchup confession?

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