10 Questions with An American Cupcake in London


When it comes to cupcakes, we take things very seriously so when cupcake month came about, we decided the first blogger port of call had to be Kelly Buhler, author of An American Cupcake in London. Getting your sugar fix is easy, with creative desserts thickly coating every page of this food blog.

We put the self-proclaimed 'Cupcake Editorialist and Frosting Guru' on the spot, asking her the 10 essential questions everyone wants to know about the world of food and blogging. Here’s what she had to say.

1. Describe your blog in 140 characters or less

An American Cupcake in London, bringing the very best of American baking to the UK and the world!

2. Which food blogs couldn’t you live without?

I read over 150 blogs on a regular basis. I like variety so I read blogs written by people in different countries, different topics and at different stages in their blogging. Right now for food blogs I love Brave Tart, Raspberri Cupcakes and Fold in the Flour.

3. What’s the dirtiest, most worn cookbook on your shelf?

I have so many cook books! I rotate so I use all of them but my Martha Stewart Cupcakes book is very very sticky.

4. What’s your proudest food blogging moment?

I’ve had a lot of great moments. Being featured on Food Network UK and also another TV channel. The time an A-list Hollywood actor said my cupcakes looked amazing is also pretty up there!

5. Can you tell us about any upcoming food trends you’ve spotted?

I’d say desserts in jars, DIY food gifts and anything ombre are really popular right now.

6. How do you judge the success of a blog post and what has been your top post?

I consider a blog post successful if someone makes the recipe and comments that they loved it or if someone re-blogs using my recipe. The most popular recipe on my blog are my Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies by a mile!

7. What’s the one food you only eat behind closed doors?

I’m a dessert snob but I’m not a food snob. I eat Kraft Mac’n’Cheese, cereal and buttered toast with sprinkles for dinner all the time.

8. What’s your best food photography tip?

I’m still learning when it comes to food photography but my best tip is to take food photos when it’s light outside.

9. Instagram filters on food – yes or no?

I love using Instagram in social media but I don’t usually put the Instragram photos on my blog. I like using photos taken with my regular camera.

10. What’s your favourite kitchen gadget?

I couldn’t live without my KitchenAid. It’s the best investment I’ve made since I use it so much.

Get Kelly's recipe for Faux Hostess Red Velvet Cupcakes

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"I’m a dessert snob but I’m not a food snob. I eat Kraft Mac’n’Cheese, cereal and buttered toast with sprinkles for dinner all the time."