10 Recipes You Never Thought To Put Tabasco® In

From Chilli Chocolate Brownies to Crazy Habanero Popcorn, we’ve got 10 things you never thought to put Tabasco® in.

1. These Tabasco® Chocolate Fondants

OMG. Chilli Chocolate Fondants, you say? A splash of Tabasco® brand Pepper Sauce or the super-heated, fruity Habanero will give these little puds a one-of-a-kind deliciousness that’s guaranteed to leave your friends guessing what the secret ingredient is.

Tabasco®-spiked Chocolate Fondant recipe

2. This Lemon Spiced Ice Cream

Gone are the days you thought ice cream was there to caress your tongue after a spicy meal. This creamy Tabasco®-spiked ice cream is infused with citrusy lemon to douse any flames that may be lingering in your mouth. Having said this, it also delivers the optimal amount of pepperiness to cut through the cooling Greek yoghurt and summer berries. Phwoar.

Lemon and Tabasco® Spiced Ice Cream recipe

3. Maybe Some Ginger Beer

Did you know Tabasco® and ginger are like the all-powerful married couple of the flavour world? A dash of that retro red sauce in refreshing ginger beer is the Brangelina of the carbonated beverage world. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself.

4. These Chilli Chocolate Brownies

Feed your Tabasco® and chocolate addiction at the same time with these innocent-looking brownies that are concealing a peppery kick. Use the best dark chocolate you can find and Tabasco® to take your taste buds on an intense rollercoaster ride of flavours.

Chilli Chocolate Brownies with Tabasco® recipe

5. Some Crazy Habanero Popcorn

Welcome to a new breed of snacking with this innocent-looking bowl of popcorn. To make it, all you need to do is pop a bag of kernels in the microwave add as much Tabasco® Habanero sauce as you can handle, and give the whole thing a shake. It’s so awesome you’ll probably end up eating it straight out of the bag. But who are we to judge you?

Crazy Habanero Popcorn recipe

6. This Plate of Sea Bass Ceviche

If you’ve not already sampled ceviche, a Peruvian speciality of finely-chopped fish, citrus and spices, you’re missing out on one of the hottest food trends around. The best modification we’ve made to it is to add a slosh of Tabasco® Jalapeño – it’s mild enough to eat straight out of the bottle without being cooked, yet is peppery enough to stand up to the punchy flavours of ceviche.

Sea Bass Ceviche recipe

7. A Cottage Pie

Listen up, spice wusses! You haven’t lived until you’ve tried adding Tabasco® to this British favourite. Take it a step further by using the Chipotle variety for a hint of the American South. Try it once and you’ll never look back.

Cottage Pie recipe

8. These Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes

Look at that little cupcake, sitting there all sweet and innocent. What you didn’t know is that Tabasco® even tastes good in these delicate morsels of chocolatey goodness. The perfect balance of rich, spicy, cocoa-enriched sponge and sweet icing is dreamy. All together now… Ahhh!

Tabasco® Cherry Chocolate Cupcake recipe

9. Obviously Some Sausage Rolls

Imagine this: aromatic garlic sausage, parsley and classic Tabasco® enveloped in buttery, golden puff pastry. It even makes that painstakingly-satisfying ‘crisp’ sound when you sink your teeth in. Are you dribbling yet?

Sausage Roll recipe

10. … And Erm, These

While this (strictly speaking) may not be a ‘recipe’, we can’t think of anything more comforting than Tabasco® beans. In fact, the humble baked bean welcomes Tabasco® makeovers in any impromptu dinner or lunch situation. Whether it’s the red pepper flavour pimping up your beans on toast, or smoky Chipotle beans are nestling between the crevices of your jacket spud, you should never be afraid of showing your beans some home-grown Tabasco® lovin’.

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