10 Easy Tips for Throwing The Best Mexican-Themed Party Ever

We've joined forces with our friends at Old El Paso™ to bring you the 10 essentials for hosting your very own Mexican fiesta. From DIY Tortilla Banana Splits, snacks for a crowd including Cheesy Corn Poppers and Cheesy Bacon and Tequila Dip, and the ultimate party playlist, we've got it all ready for you right here.

Now, get ready to bring the spirit of Mexican cooking to your table and celebrate with fresh flavours, the best music and fun games to enjoy with friends and family.

1. Layer It Up

Make yourself a Mexican-inspired layered dip. Whilst strictly not a traditional Mexican dish, your multi-layered dip can be inspired by the fresh flavours of Mexican cuisine. We love layering guacamole, sour cream, salsa, sweetcorn, onions, refried beans, coriander and good, sharp Cheddar or Feta cheese in clear plastic cups so everyone has one each.

If you prefer a spot of sharing, make a big layered dip for everyone to share. This 7 Layer Bean Dip made with Old El Paso™ Refried Beans, shredded lettuce, olives and tomatoes is ready in 20 minutes.

Get more recipes for layered dips in 21 Unbelievable Ways to Take Chips and Dips to The Next Level

2. Piñata Party Cakes

Piñata cakes are fun, colourful and totally delicious. We love this lip-smacking Lime and Macadamia Pinata Cake from Claire K Creations. Use a round pudding basin to bake two cakes, hollow them out and fill one with your favourite colourful sweets and chocolates. Really pile them in. Pipe icing around the edges of the filled cake and place the other cake the other way down on top. Decorate with bright and bold icing colours and you’ll be the star of the party.

Get the full recipe on Claire K Creations

3. Spicy Popcorn Bowls

Pop up some Mexican-inspired popcorn for sharing. In a large pan, heat up 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Add 70g popcorn and 1 tablespoon of Old El Paso™ Garlic and Paprika Taco seasoning mix. Cover and allow to pop on a low heat until you can no longer hear the kernels popping. Give the pan a shake with the lid still on and serve.

4. Props for Pics

Make sure your party is equipped with fun green, white and red props like sombreros, maracas, inflatable mariachi guitars and masks. Everyone will have fun dressing up and taking pictures.

5. Shortcut BBQ Rub

Rub meat or chicken with Old El Paso™ Smoky BBQ Fajita Seasoning Mix before grilling on the barbecue for a mouth-watering flavour.

6. Watermelon Margaritas and Lollies

Grab yourself a watermelon and slice it up into wedges and cubes and chill in the fridge until you’re ready to make these delicious Mellow Melon Margaritas. For kids, skewer the melon slices onto lollipop sticks lengthways and freeze for healthy, fruity watermelon ice lollies.

7. Flavoured Butter Pick'n'Mix

Whip up three different types of flavoured butters to melt onto grilled corn ahead of time. First, divide 500g of softened butter into three equal portions. Season each portion with a flavouring of your choice. We love coriander and chopped jalapenos, garlic and paprika and our favourite cheat of all is to mix in Old El Paso™ Mexican Wedges seasoning. Place each portion of seasoned butter into cling film and roll tightly into logs. Keep in the fridge until you’re ready to slice and melt onto corn.

8. Tortilla Banana Splits

Make sweet banana splits with Old El Paso™ Stand’n’Stuff Tortillas. All you need to do is fill them with grilled bananas, ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherries and nuts.

9. Party Playlists

A selection of Mexican party music is essential for getting people in the mood for a fiesta. In fact, we’ve already made the perfect playlist for you. All you need to do is turn up the volume and get your merengue on.

10. Proper Piñata

Image source: Popsugar

Finally, an actual piñata is always a good idea, no matter what your age.

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