15 Amazing Food Hacks for Fussy Kids

We've all been there, never knowing whether dinnertime will spark tantrums or tastiness. If you find it difficult to please everyone around the table then don't worry, we've got your back.

(Has this ever happened?)

Whether your kids hate vegetables, new things or constantly crave fast food, we know what to do. One of the best tips we can provide is disguising food as something else. Vegetables can be easily hidden in a tasty burger, lasagne or pasta. Recreating their favourite treat food is also a winner. Check out our Pepperoni Pizza and Four Cheese Pizza, the perfect alternative to a takeaway.

Ree Drummond's Veggie Burritos contain five different vegetables, most of which are completely hidden, and you have to trust her as she's a mum herself!

Whatever your problems, we know that it's important to make dinnertime fun but also delicious and nutritious. So look no further and cast your eyes over our incredible food hacks that are guaranteed to make your life easier.

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