Whoa! 15 Cheese Toasties That Are Better Than Pics of Tom Hardy with a Dog

There are no two things we love more in life than cheese toasties and super cute pictures of Tom Hardy posing with pups. Both are just as soul-warming as each other and even though there's a noticable pooch variety in the pictures Tom posts, the toastie offers more when it comes to imagination and diversity. All of this leads to one question - Tom Hardy + dogs or cheese toasties?

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Sorry, Tom. Toasties win.

Loaded with lava-like rivers of goodness, trusty fillings like baked beans, Marmite and ham have never let us down. Even some ad hoc toastie experimentation can lead to something beautiful. We're thinking of the time we rustled up a cinnamon, apple, bacon and Cheddar toastie with absolutely no regrets. Dying in that moment would have meant we died 100% satisfied.

We're strong advocates of buttering the outside of the bread, sprinkling it with cheese and giving the bread a toasty, golden crust. When the toastie is bitten into, the cheese must be hot and flowing like the river Justin Timberlake sang about back in 2002.

Before we jump in to the round up of the most droolworthy cheese toastie recipes, we'd like to share with you our three golden rules for making the best cheese toasties on the planet. Are you ready for this?

3 Golden Rules for The Best Cheese Toasties on The Planet

1. Pick cheeses with super melty characteristics. A cheese toastie doesn't work with just any old cheese, you know. Dry, crumbly, fresh cheeses like feta cheese won't melt properly, resulting in sorrow and reget. Don't let that happen.

Cheeses that make our 'yes' list include; Cheddar, Mozzarella, Brie, Camembert, Gruyère, Gorgonzola, Red Leicester, Gouda, Comté and Taleggio. Bonus points for a slick of cream cheese inside the toastie. The cheeses will combine to create the most glorious creamy, cheesy filling. Oooof.

2. Butter the outside of the bread to achieve the mandatory golden tinge all over and an audible 'crunch' when bitten. Don't skip this. Ever.

3. Cook your cheese toasties low and slow. Assemble and cook one at a time on a low heat and on both sides. Give them the love and respect they deserve by devoting your time attention to each one individually. The cheese will melt slowly, combine with the cream cheese and other fillings for a stringy, gooey cheese experience like no other. Treat your toasties like your babies and they'll give you inexplicable joy in return. Fact.

NOTE: We understand some of you will be mad at us for choosing cheese toasties over pictures of Tom Hardy and dogs. If this is the case, have your say on which is better after you've digested the epic pictures of toasties on the next page.

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