18 Amazing Things to Make with Bacon

1. Chocolate Oink

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Bacon plus chocolate is fabulous; what's bacon plus TWO kinds of chocolate?

2. Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes

Moist chocolate cupcakes, buttercream frosting, freshly-crumbled bacon and a liberal dose of maple syrup. Heavenly.

3. Bistro Breakfast Burger

You’ve heard of breakfast pizza, now check out this bistro-style, breakfast-inspired burger. It’s stuffed with beef, bacon, eggs and cheese. The perfect way to start a Sunday, we say.

4. Bacon-wrapped Sushi

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Seaweed haters will be happy to know the green stuff is now being ditched for strips of good quality bacon. You’ll either love it or hate it.

5. Bacon Strip Pancakes

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A crispy rasher smothered in a strip of pancake batter and cooked until two amazing foods become one. For real.

6. Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow and Bacon Bark

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This caramel, marshmallow, whiskey and bacon bark definitely comes with a bite. We’ll be honest; any slab of chocolate that features a ‘Spiced Bacon Crumble’ has our utmost respect.

7. Bacon, Egg and Maple Cheese Toastie

Think of the most incredible bacon sarnie you’ve ever eaten, then times it by ten. This one is made with brioche, cheese and maple syrup!

8. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

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The only thing that could make cinnamon rolls better is, you guessed it - bacon.

9. Maple Bacon Blondies

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These wickedly-decadent cake bars are doused in maple syrup icing.

10. Breakfast Pizza

Give in to pizza for breakfast or brunch. These are topped with crispy bacon, herby tomato sauce and a whole egg.

11. Bacon Hasselback Potatoes

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We’re suckers for crispy-skinned hasselback potatoes but did you know the thin slits were perfectly-sized for nestling strips of bacon? You do now.

12. Bacon Caramel Truffles

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Next time you annoy someone and need to buy them a gift to sweeten them up, consider making a box of bacon-infused chocolate. They’ll be like putty in your hands.

13. Spicy Bacon Guacamole

Luxuriously-ripe avocado, juicy tomatoes and crumbled crispy bacon ensure this isn’t your average guacamole.

14. Roasted Parsnips with Cheese and Bacon

Perk up regular parsnips by roasting them with Cheddar and bacon until crisp and flavoursome.

15. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

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A shameless scattering of maple icing and crispy bacon bits adorn these chewy, buttery cookies.

16. Bacon Fleur de Sel Caramels

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The perfect marriage of sweet, salty and savoury, these chewy caramels are the perfect gift for all bacon connoisseurs. They also make a pretty cool present for Father’s Day.

17. Posh Bacon Buttie

Andy Bates jazzes up the average bacon buttie with juicy scallops and multigrain bread. We’re not snobby when it comes to bacon butties but this is a great recipe for wooing potential mates.

18. Mashed Potato Skins

We all know spuds and bacon are best friends so next time you’re craving mash, keep things rustic with crushed skin-on potatoes, crispy bacon, mature Cheddar and chives.

What's the craziest bacon dish you've ever come across? Tell us below.

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