21 Marshmallow Recipes That Will Make You Feel Like You're Floating on a Cloud

We've roasted them over an open fire, sprinkled them over hot chocolate, but all of that is about to change. We've found our favourite recipes that will pimp up your marshmallows, making them stars in their own right. From Anna Olson's devilishly sweet Lemon Marshmallow Squares to our very own Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Waffles, you're guaranteed to find a sweet sensation!

1. Lemon Marshmallow Squares

Anna Olson has outdone herself once again. Her bite-sized Lemon Marshmallow Squares are some of the cutest bakes we've ever seen!

2. S'more Brownies

This has to be the ultimate dessert combination. Rich chocolate brownies topped with gooey marshmallows, we're in traybake heaven.

3. Simple Marshmallow Cake

We've started big. Who wouldn't want a birthday cake covered in indulgent, marshmallowy frosting anyway?

4. Marshmallow Crispy Treats

We're jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon with Ree's kid-friendly rice crispy treats.

5. Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Waffles

This has to be one of our favourite recipes to transform your breakfast waffles. The indulgent combination of sweet potato and marshmallows is mind-boggling.

6. Toasted Coconut Marshmallows

Ina Garten has kindly shared her ingenious way of turning marshmallows into elegant morsels of deliciousness. We want to eat them all.

7. S'mores Cookie Crumble Bars

We're in love with these marshmallow traybakes. They are the perfect mix of sweet, crunchy, gooey goodness.

8. Marshmallow and Nutella Crêpes

Sunny Anderson's pancakes combine two of our most-loved ingredients, marshmallows and nutella. We're struggling to find a better crêpe combo.

9. Charcoal Toasted Marshmallow with Raspberries, Ants and Flowers

Yes you did read that correctly. This stunning dessert is topped with green tree ants, but who doesn't love a bit of experimentation?

10. Skillet S'mores

Jeff Mauro's S'more recipe is one to beat. Layers of rich, indulgent chocolate topped with melt-in-the-mouth toasted marshmallows. We want to take a dip.

11. Rocky Road Pudding

Any dessert with rocky road in the name is already winning. But we can't deny our love of the marshmallowy, nutty, chocolatey goodness!

12. S'mores Bars

Kelsey Nixon shares her ridiculously easy recipe for the perfect addition to any picnic or party. You have to try it.

13. Chocolate Marshmallow Madness Cupcakes

We need these cupcakes in our lives. Quick and easy chocolate muffins topped with a sinfully sweet marshmallow glaze... yum.

14. Toasted Marshmallow Sweet Potato Cheesecake

Who knew that marshmallows could come in cheesecake form? This rich and creamy sweet potato cheesecake is finished of with dozens of mini marshmallows.

15. Marshmallow Popcorn Treats

These tiny popcorn pieces reach another level as they're coated with creamy, buttery marshmallows and sprinkled with chocolate, nuts and sweets.

16. Whoopee Pie

All we want to do is take a big bite into one of these soft and fluffy whoopee pies.

17. Chocolate-Dipped Peanut Butter S'mores

Only one thing could top our love of S'mores and that's peanut butter. Combine the two and you will create a dessert of dreams.

18. Little Lamb Cupcakes

Have you ever seen a cuter cupcake? These gorgeous lamb cupcakes can only be created by our favourite ingredient... marshmallows!

19. Lyle's® Luxury Rocky Cupcakes

You know how much we love rocky roads, that's why we're even more in love with them in cupcake form.

20. Brownie Pizza

Yes it's finally happened. The sweet pizza has taken over and what's not to love? A brownie base, topped with strawberries, chocolate, whipped cream and of course, marshmallows.

21. Brownie S'mores

There's a reason why Brownie S'mores appear in our list twice. They are really that good.