5 Fictional Food Brand Characters

We went undercover to find out the stories behind five big food brands we all know and love. Those smiling faces printed on the packaging may be concealing more than we initially thought.

Warning: What we’re about to share with you may change your life and the lives of the friends you choose to disclose this information with.

Mr. Kipling

We’ve always imagined this exceedingly good baker to be a cuddly figure who melts our troubles away with his Angel Slices and Battenburg. Remember looking at the back of the box to read the special note signed by Mr K. himself?

Mystery solved: Sorry to ruin everyone’s childhood memories, but Mr. Kipling was a character invented in 1967 to convince shoppers that the cakes were whipped up by a trusty local baker, rather than factory produced. Current owners Premier Foods uphold the notion that he exists in the heart of every member of staff working at the bakery. Sweet.

Betty Crocker

For years, we’ve believed this trusty cake mix was our dirty little secret – just adding water and then palming it off to our mates as home-made. But it turns out Ms. Crocker has a secret of her own.

Mystery solved: Domestic goddess, Betty Crocker, is a fictional character whose name was chosen for its all-American feel back in 1921. What really takes the biscuit is that Betty is now 91 years old and still looks as good as she did on the boxes all those years ago… So maybe cakes aren’t that bad for us after all.

Aunt Bessie

Smiling, pinny-clad Aunt Bessie has made scoffing traditional British dinners easier with her range of roasties and Yorkshire puddings since the 70s. However, the fact we’ve only ever seen Margaret and Mabel (the other stars of Aunt Bessie’s advert) has made our cogs turn. Where’s Aunt Bessie?

Mystery solved: Aunt Bessie’s Limited was created by the William Jackson Food Group in order to lend us a helping hand in our times of need. Careful branding has allowed these traditional cook-from-frozen meals to thrive, with most of us associating our Spotted Dick and Jam Roly Poly with that caring, blue-eyed lady on the packaging. Cheers, Auntie B!

Uncle Ben

If like most of us, you’ve had your fair share of rice-cooking disasters, you’ll definitely be familiar with Uncle Ben. How excited were you when you discovered that after just a ping if the microwave, you could have steaming rice on the table, courtesy of that proud man sporting a dashing bow tie?

Mystery solved: Legend has it that Uncle Ben was once a top rice grower who set the standard for his trade. Years later, a businessman providing food parcels during World War II wanted to prove his vacuum-packed rice was the best in the business. Needless to say he didn’t go against the grain when picking a name for his product, keeping that remarkable grower, Uncle Ben, in mind.


After feeding our appetites for frozen dairy products for decades, we figured Mr. Häagen and Mr. Dazs were two Danish gods descended from ice cream paradise.

Mystery solved: It turns out Häagen and Dazs are actually two totally made up words created for their Scandinavian look and sound. But we can’t hold that against them – their little pots of dreamy goodness will always leave a sweet taste on our ice cream-hungry tongues.

So there you have it; the next time you chow down on your favourite cakes and bakes, you’ll be able to chew over the real stories behind the brands.

Sanjana Modha

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