About the Ben Kinsella Trust


After Ben Kinsella was tragically murdered in London in June 2008, his family set up the Ben Kinsella Trust in his name. Ben was only sixteen when he was stabbed to death, in an unnecessary act of horrific violence that shocked the nation. He had just finished school, was predicted, and received, top grades that he never learned of and was just about to begin a life full of promise that was cut short by the devastating and growing problem that is knife crime.

Following the Trust’s establishment, it has helped raise the profile of knife crime and put it on the public’s agenda. The Ben Kinsella Trust marched in The People’s March in September 2008, where hundreds of people from North and South of London joined forces to hold a peace rally in Hyde Park to promote awareness against knife crime.

This march led to the formation of Families UTD, which Ben’s family are founding members of, linking up families across the country who have lost loved ones to violent crime, offering support, advice and the chance to get involved and make a difference.

Members of the Trust regularly visit schools and organisations across the country to tell the story of Ben in the hope that it will make people think twice about violence and the devastating effect it can have on a family and a community. The messages of support and declarations and promises to not carry weapons from the people they talk to are a testimony to the impact Ben’s story has.

The Trust’s greatest achievement to date was a successful campaign to change the law for the minimum sentence for knife murder to be raised from 15 to a 25 years in April 2010, now commonly referred to as ‘Ben’s Law’.

The funds raised since Ben’s death are going towards schemes to promote knife-crime awareness in the community, educate children of all ages about the consequences of knife-crime and what it can do to a family. One day, the Trust hopes to build a youth centre in Ben’s name to help protect, support and nurture kids.

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