Adam Richman Hits the UK


The food legend that is Adam Richman touched down in the UK this week and to say that we were excited is an understatement. Here to celebrate the fact that we have not one of his shows on Food Network, but a whopping three - including the classic Man v. Food Nation, Amazing Eats and all new, The Best Sandwich in America with Adam Richman – Adam was in for a treat.

Browse our pictures above to see what Adam's been up to since he arrived. We'll give you a clue; it has involved a tea party, super sarnies at BBC Radio 1, drinks with Andy Bates and Jun Tanaka and a lot of man-sized hugs. Not all at once though!

Can't get enough of Adam? Tune in weekdays at 5pm and 9pm to see all new The Best Sandwich in America with Adam Richman.

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