Answers: How Much Do You Really Know About Cheese?

Didn't know your Cambozola from your Caerphilly? Get the answers to the quiz here

1. What is commonly used to colour Red Leicester cheese?

Answer: Annatto seeds. Derived from tropical achiote trees

2. Where is Parmigiano Reggiano made?

Answer: Emilia Romagna and Lombardia

3. Name this cheese

Answer: Parmigiano Reggiano

4. Which cheese has the shortest shelf life?

Answer: Cottage cheese

5. Which cheese would you use to hide a small horse?

Answer: Mascarpone. Ha.

6. Only one cheese can be called Parmesan, which is it?

Answer: Parmigiano Reggiano

7. Fondue is a national dish of which European country?

Answer: Switzerland

8. How many litres of milk are needed to make 1kg of Parmigiano Reggiano?

Answer: 15 litres

9. Which of these is not a real cheese?

Answer: Saint Martine

10. Paneer hails from which country?

Answer: India. If you haven't tried Saag Paneer or Panner Makhani you haven't lived.

11. Which two verbs best describe the Swiss cheese dish, Raclette?

Answer: Heating and scraping. Totally delicious with baby potatoes and gherkins.

12. What makes Cheestrings so stringy?

Answer: The cheese is heated and stretched (the same way they treat mozzarella).

13. Greek Salad contains...

Answer: Feta

14. On average, a wheel of Parmesan weighs...

Answer: 40kg

15. The Italian cheese, Casu Marzu contains…

Answer: Live insect larvae. No lie.

16. Which one of these cheeses is not French?

Answer: Manchego - that one's Spanish!

17. American Pepper Jack Cheese is a variety of…

Answer: Monterey Jack cheese (because Flap Jack cheese, Lumber Jack cheese and Farmer Jack cheese are just ridiculous).

18. Finally, what's your favourite cheese?

Answer: If you picked 'All the Cheeses', you scored the most points - you could even get bonus points for the fancier cheeses. If you picked orange cheese slices or no cheese at all, you scored zero points (come on, what did you expect?)

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