6 of Britain's Worst Cooks Revealed

We sought out Britain’s worst cooks to take part in our brand new TV show, Kitchen Superheroes. They’re on a mission to prove that with the help of our celebrity chef superheroes, they can whip up a memorable meal for their friends and families. Whether they burn toast or eat ready meals every night of the week, these hopeless cooks are about to get a culinary makeover like never before.

Andy Crossman, 69, Essex

  • A retired music and dance act manager from Essex
  • Ate mostly tinned food whilst on the road for work
  • Married for almost 41 years
  • Signature dish: Beans on toast

  • Leon Green, 30, East London

  • Spoilt rotten by his family who have always cooked for him
  • Has a beautiful kitchen which he’s never used
  • Aspires to cook a roast for his family and girlfriend
  • Signature dish: Nothing

  • Gemma Davies, 30, Swansea

  • A mum of two from Swansea
  • Failed GCSE cooking
  • Relies mostly on friends and family to cook for her and her daughters
  • Signature dish: A microwave meal

  • Karen Chamberlain, 53, Kent

  • Runs her own business in Kent
  • Owns no fewer than SIX bulldogs
  • Admits to feeding her dogs better than she feeds her partner, Pete
  • Signature dish: A takeaway

  • Simon Reeves, 31, Hampshire

  • Works in insurance and has just bought his first home
  • Has an inexplicable obsession with Le Creuset cookware and kitchen gadgets but has never used any of them
  • His oven has been broken for three months and he hasn’t missed it
  • Signature dish: Bacon sandwich

  • Amie Whitaker, 17, Essex

  • Works in a café but always burns things so can’t be trusted in the kitchen
  • Can’t even bake a cake from a packet mix
  • Once made a cake for a friend’s birthday – it took five hours and was a total mess
  • Signature dish: Definitely not cake

  • Watch Kitchen Superheroes to find out what happened when Britain’s worst cooks met our dream team of celebrity chefs and learnt to cook a meal for their favourite people.

    Are you hopeless in the kitchen? Tell us about your biggest cooking catastrophes in the comments below.

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