Bacon’s on a Roll in British Top 100 Foods Index


There’s nothing like the waft of sizzling bacon filling a room in the morning – and the nation agrees as bacon is crowned King on our list of Britain’s Top 100 Foods.

We asked 2,000 Brits to choose their favourite foods to compile the list and found that our top five is dominated by hearty comfort foods like chicken, chocolate, steak and beef.

But it’s not just meaty morsels and naughty treats we’re partial to; other ingredients lingering at the top of the list includes bananas, baked beans, apples, strawberries and avocados. However, none of these compare to almighty breakfast champion, bacon, with more than a third of survey respondents admitting they could eat it every day without getting bored.

Cheeky pie-maker Andy Bates commented, “Whether it’s a home-made bacon buttie or a traditional fry-up in a greasy spoon, bacon gets us Brits started for the day. It’s British food at its best – simple, affordable and versatile so it’s little surprise to me that it’s been crowned the nation’s number one ingredient. I’d love to see us using bacon even more, it may be simple but it packs a punch alongside scallops, pasta or even ice-cream!”

Over a third of respondents said they remember enjoying the best food between the ages of 5 and 10. Therefore, it came as no surprise that two-thirds of Brits who took part claimed to use more British ingredients than they did 10 years ago, given our soft spot for nostalgic foods like bread, asparagus, Marmite and black pudding, all making the top 40.

This isn’t to say us Brits aren’t experimental when it comes to taste – we also love a luxury now and again, and lobster, scallops and mangoes all make a splash in the top 50. However, simple staples have proven to please more than 50% of British bellies over rare delicacies and expensive treats.

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The Top 100 Food Index

1. Bacon

2. Chicken

3. Chocolate

4. Steak

5. Beef

6. Lamb

7. Bread

8. Banana

9. Baked beans

10. Apples

11. Strawberries

12. Avocado

13. Pasta

14. Asparagus

15. Salmon

16. Duck

17. Prawns

18. Apricots

19. Artichokes

20. Blue Cheese

21. Sausage

22. Chilli

23. Eggs

24. Anchovies

25. Cashew nuts

26. Cherries

27. Ice Cream

28. Lobster

29. Scallops

30. Almonds

31. Aubergine

32. Mushrooms

33. Blueberries

34. Garlic

35. Marmite

36. Black pudding

37. Pork

38. Tuna

39. Chorizo

41. Haddock

42. Mango

43. Raspberries

44. Tomatoes

45. Turkey

46. Yoghurt

47. Cereal

48. Rice

49. Venison

50. Broccoli

51. Grapes

52. Beetroot

53. Mussels

54. Pineapple

55. Coconut

56. Mackerel

57. Sea Bass

58. Sushi

59. Corned beef

60. Crumpets

61. Hummus

62. Peach

63. Porridge

64. Rhubarb

65. Trout

66. Blackcurrants

67. Custard

68. Halibut

69. Oranges

70. Sweets

71. Brussels sprouts

72. Butternut squash

73. Carrots

74. Golden Syrup

75. Noodles

76. Sweet potato

77. Watermelon

78. Cauliflower

79. Cucumber

80. Gravy

81. Kippers

82. Lentils

83. Mayonnaise

84. Melon

85. Onions

86. Pate

87. Peanuts

88. Pesto

89. Pomegranate

90. Popcorn

91. Sole

92. Spam

93. Cabbage

94. Carrot

95. Couscous

96. Cranberries

97. Ginger

98. Goose

99. Ham

100. Honey

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Did your favourite make the list? Will bacon hold on to the crown until the end of time? Tell us below.

"Simple staples have proven to please more than 50% of British bellies over rare delicacies."