Baking Bothers: Best Way to Serve Cake

Q. Please could you tell me the best way to serve a cake or tart that’s difficult to slice? My dessert plates always look so messy.

Abby Moule says: Ah yes, we encounter this problem many times at the restaurant and I always find the easiest way is to use a hot sharp knife.

Prepare a tall jug of boiling water, submerge a long, sharp, serrated knife into the water and leave for a few minutes, then wipe dry with a soft cloth and make your first cut from the very centre of the cake, using a fast sawing motion backward and forward and not by using pressure on the knife. It should slide through easily.

Then heat the knife again in boiling water and wipe dry and clean this time and repeat until you have portioned what you need. Another great way to improve this is to chill the cake down first in the fridge.

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