Baking Bothers: Cups or Grams?

Q. What’s better: Cups or grams?

David Lesniak and David Muniz say: We’re cups boys. We tend to weigh things more often than not especially with other folks helping out in kitchen. Keeps things more consistent which keeps customers more happy.

Certain types of baking, like fine French pâtisserie (those French can be very exact) its best to weigh, be it in grams or ounces.

For home baking, measure however is most familiar/comfortable for you, be it weight or volume. A little of that “carefree” savoury attitude most people have when cooking can work wonders when baking as well. So if you are going to crank out something sweet, choose what seems easiest to you and get baking. Have fun. Don’t get bogged down in methodology.

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