Baking Bothers: Fondant Vs. Sugar Paste

Q. What’s the difference between fondant and sugar paste and which is best for making cake decorations?

Abby Moule says: Fondant and sugar paste are the same thing. Sugar paste is the professional reference, which ensures differentiation between itself and petal paste which is also used in similar applications.

You can either buy white and colour it yourself although if you are set on doing this make sure you use a gel colourant as opposed to liquid food colour.

Otherwise you can buy sugar paste in lots of different colours and even mix them together to get unique colours. Sugarpaste can be kept for up to nine months in an airtight container or you can even freeze it and it will last forever!

Eric Lanlard says: Sugar paste and fondant icing are the same thing. An easy to roll icing is used to cover cakes. If you want to make decorations like figurines or floral décor than you need to use petal paste or gum paste – this will dry rock hard and is perfect for making 3D decorations.

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