Baking Bothers: Foolproof Chocolate Fondants

Q. Do you have a foolproof recipe for chocolate fondants? Mine are never gooey in the middle.

Abby Moule says: Fondants that aren't gooey in the middle have normally been cooked at too high a temperature and for too long. Fondants are essentially partially-cooked cakes – try this recipe at 180°C for exactly nine minutes:

Melt 200g butter and 200g dark chocolate together over a double boiler or very gentle heat. Whisk and set aside. Cream four whole eggs and four yolks together with 200g caster sugar. Add 200g plain flour and mix through. Pour the chocolate mix into the flour mix and stir together.

Get your moulds and using a pastry brush, brush in an upwards motion from the bottom middle to the outside edges with some melted butter. Repeat until all your moulds are greased, then mix approx 50g cocoa powder with equal quantities of caster sugar in a bowl. Use a spoon to spoon in some of the powder into each buttered mould. Rotate until evenly covered then tip out the excess and tap the outside of the mould with a spoon. Repeat. Fill your mould with the fondant mix, chill in a fridge for one hour then cook away!

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