Baking Bothers: Perfect Brownies

Q. All brownie recipes I’ve tried end up being way too crumbly. How do I make dense fudgy brownies?

David Lesniak and David Muniz say: If you’ve tried multiple recipes and getting the same texture, adjust your baking time.

A good brownie, like a custard pie or baked cheesecake, is best when it completes cooking/setting while cooling. Start by checking your brownies 15 minutes prior to the baking time stipulated in the recipe. Brownies should jiggle as a solid mass: You want them to move but move together side to side.

There should be no additional movement especially in the centre. A solid jiggle is where you want to be (make a note in your recipe book of the time for your oven) take them out and cool completely then give those a try.

The short answer (but not the most politically correct for the food safety zealots among us) is to “under” bake your brownies.

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