Baking Bothers: Perfect Meringue

Q. What are your tips for making the perfect meringue? I just can’t seem to get it right.

Lotte Duncan says: You can use a balloon whisk for making meringues, but life really is a little easier if you have an electric one.

The most important thing about making meringues is to initially whisk the egg whites until they are very stiff before you add any sugar. This is where so many people fall down - they don’t whisk enough to begin with. As soon as you add sugar to whisked egg white it loosens and loses some of its bulk, so you need to make sure they are really stiff before you do.

Once the egg whites are really stiff, add one teaspoon from the measured sugar for each egg white and then whisk hard again. Now you can gently fold in, by hand, the rest of the sugar. But do be gentle, if you are too vigorous you’ll just lose all that air that you’ve taken so long to beat in. If you follow these steps your meringues will be perfect!

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