Baking Bothers: Perfect Vegan Sponge Cake

Q. I’m allergic to dairy and all of the vegan sponge cake recipes I’ve tried end up being way too dense. How do I make a light and airy vegan vanilla sponge cake?

Charlotte White says: There is nothing worse than a heavy, stodgy cake. When I first starting experimenting with vegan vanilla sponge, I am not ashamed to say that a few attempts ended up in the bin!

However, I have found the perfect recipe, which I adapted from an American cookbook some years ago. Hopefully you will find it as light and fluffy as I do. The great thing about vegan cakes is that, by removing the egg and butter, you are making the vanilla the strongest flavour in the mix. For this reason, you should use the very best quality vanilla extract that you can get as you will notice the difference.

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