Baking Bothers: Storing Cake

Q. How should I keep my cakes fresh? Can I store them in the fridge?

Abby Moule says: Cake is best eaten fresh but if you need to store it, use an airtight container and keep out at room temperature as the fridge will dry out your cake. Remember, any fondant or sugar decorations will tend to weep and sag if kept in an airtight container so if your cake is covered in sugar paste, it is best to keep it in a tin with no lid until needed. You can freeze cake once it has cooled from the oven and defrost it when needed.

Lotte Duncan says: Fridges dry cakes out. They don't so much if your cake is an oil based one – such as a chocolate fudge or a carrot cake which are very moist when cooked.

Victoria sandwich-type cakes and fruit cakes are especially vulnerable if kept too cold. They will dry out and become hard and crispy. Your best bet is to store your cake in an airtight tin or plastic container and place in a cool part of your kitchen. It will keep perfectly here for about a week. However, in my house we love cake so much, it only lasts five minutes before it’s demolished!

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