Baking Bothers

From problematic pastry to cracked cakes, we’re seeking to shake off the issues that always leave you in a bind when it comes to baking.

Our dream team of baking eggheads including master pâtissier, Eric Lanlard, cupcake queen Abby Moule, plus others, are ready and waiting to help solve your most bothersome baking questions – with a sprinkling of handy tips thrown in for good measure.

We’ll help you crack it

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Your Baking Bothers Solved

Can I make my cake mixture in advance and store it?

Why does my cake sink after removing it from the oven?

I’m allergic to dairy and all of the vegan sponge cake recipes I’ve tried end up being way too dense. How do I make a light and airy vegan vanilla sponge cake?

My cakes rise into volcano-like peaks. How do I stop this from happening?

How do I mend a soggy cake? It appears cooked on the outside but when cut, is heavy in the middle.

If I bake double the recipe should I use double the baking powder?

How should I keep my cakes fresh? Can I store them in the fridge?

What’s better: Cups or grams?

Do you have any tips for a nervous macaron piper?

I’d really like to start baking with my children but I just don’t know where to start. What are your top ideas for getting kids involved in the kitchen?

What’s the difference between fondant and sugar paste and which is best for making cake decorations?

My custard always seems to curdle. How do I stop this from happening?

All brownie recipes I’ve tried end up being way too crumbly. How do I make dense fudgy brownies?

Do you have a foolproof recipe for chocolate fondants? Mine are never gooey in the middle.

I can’t seem to get my cake coverings to look smooth and professional. How do I stop it from breaking, cracking and looking uneven?

Do you have a recipe for wheat-free whoopie pies?

I always have guests telling me they’re coming over at the last minute. What’s a quick and impressive dessert I can make?

How do I stop my cake pop balls falling off the sticks when I dip and coat them in melted chocolate?

My shortcrust pastry always shrinks when I blind bake it, leaving no room for my pie filling - help!

What are your tips for making the perfect meringue? I just can’t seem to get it right.

What's the best way to fill a piping bag? I always make a huge mess!

What's the secret to getting a tart or pie with crisp pastry all around?

What's a quick and easy decoration for cupcakes that looks like it took hours?

What's the best way to serve a cake or tart that's difficult to slice?

How do I make the best American-style chocolate-chip cookies?

Can I make marshmallows at home without a stand mixer?

How do I make a light and airy sponge?

How do you make the perfect buttercream?

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