10 GBBO Christmas Baking Tips from Chetna Makan

If you’re planning on baking a Christmas masterpiece with the wow-factor to impress your guests, then you’ll definitely need these top 10 tips from Chetna Makan, Great British Bake Off semi-finalist.

1. Get Organised

The most important thing to do is get organised. Plan exactly what you will be baking beforehand and get all ingredients ready. It’s the key to stress-free baking over the festive period!

2. Grease Your Pans

Try greasing your cake tins and baking sheets with cooking spray. It’s quick, easy and very effective.

3. Add Extra Flavour

Add some extra flavour to the pastry of your mince pies, maybe some orange or lemon zest, or a pinch of cinnamon.

4. Bake in Advance

Bake a batch or two of macaron shells and freeze them. Bring them out during Christmas and pipe your choice of Christmassy filling in them.

5. Flour Your Cookie Cutters

To make sure you get the best shapes for your Christmas biscuits, dip your biscuit cutter in the flour before stamping the shapes out of the dough. This will stop any dough sticking to the cutter and you will have perfectly shaped biscuits.

6. Cool Baking Sheets

If you’re using baking sheets, make sure you cool them between batches before reusing.

7. Adding Fruits

If you are going to add any fruits to your cakes, remember to coat the fruits with a bit of flour before adding to the mixture.

8. Heat Your Nuts

You can do the same if you are planning to use whole nuts in your cakes. Just warm them up for few seconds in the oven, then coat them with flour before adding to the mixture.

9. Use Unrefined Sugar

If possible, use unrefined sugar in your Christmas cake. It gives rich dark flavours and colour to your cake.

10. Don't Overload the Oven

Most of us tend to bake loads over Christmas. Try not to overload the oven just bake one thing at a time.

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