Competition Winners' Roll of Honour

All of Food Network UK's competition winners in recent months can now view their name in our Competition Winner's Roll of Honour.

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Win a milk&more Christmas Hamper

Tara MacFarlane

Ann-Marie Trotman

Louise Adkins

Tamsin Wooldridge

Donna Lamont

Win a Couch Coaster Kitchen Gadget

Brian Horner

Stevie Fairbairn

Jennifer Rhymer

Paul Logue

Jean Stewart

Win a Guylian Chocolate Hamper

Cinnie Martin

Jenna Dick

Chris Ryan

Win Adam Richman Goodies

Cris Samways

Donna Michael

Win a Baked Cookbook and BKD Baking Kit

Vicky Smith

Barrie Bullock

Linda Pollock

Jo Bryan

Vicky Rowan

Julia Wulff

Susan Crowter

Lee Hardy

Sharon Arnott

Lindsey Stuart

Win a KitchenAid Bakeware Set

Dionne Khalid

Alison Johnson

Paula Readings

Win a Blue Dragon Hamper and Appliances

Daniel Stacey

Lorna Kennedy

Richell Lever

David Collins

Win a Microplane Flexi-Zesti

Mina Parks

Donna Caldwell

Kerry Charlesworth

Joanna Howard-Simpson

Aaron Milne

Lisa Williams

Laura Corrall

Matt Froggatt

Karen Webb

Lee Davis

Win a Napoleon Utensil Set and Apron

Paul Harte

Win a Thames Evening Cruise for Four

Ronald Wallis

Win the Ultimate Barbecue Kit for Outdoor Feasting

Kerry Charlesworth

Alison Johnson

Jimmy Leach

Jamie Coleman

Salima Jessa

Win a Whiskey Wedge Drinking Glass

Keeley Shaw

Cherry Edwards

Alan Staff

Elisa Cartwright

Sue McDermott

Sian Widdowson

Win Paul Hollywood's New Cookbook "The Weekend Baker"

Carole Nott

Helen Wayte

Kim Holgate

Helen Tovell

Mina Parks

Linda Pollock

Dawn Davis

Jodie Holyoake

Julia Wulff

Dur-re Shahwar Moiz

Win a Hamper of Organic Goodies

Tom Baines

Kate Knight

Petrona McArthur

Denise Wynn

Lisa Parker

Win a Copy of The Louise Parker Method

George Worboys-Wright

Carole Nott

Cristan Williams

Rebecca Phillips

Kirstie Kenton

Win a Sabrina Ghayour "Sirocco" Cookbook

Harsa Dhokia

Andrew Loades

Kathy Williams

Kim Murray

Tina Field

Win a "Fries!" Cookbook by Blake Lingle

Helen Tovell

Peter Hunt

Yvonne Jarman

Michelle Sykes

Fozia Akhtar

Win a Kenwood Chef Sense Baking Kit

Susan Collins


Helena Evans

Lyndsey Broadhead

Mangle Saunders

David Hills

Janice Taylor

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