15 Creative One-Bowl Power Meals You Can Fully Customise

Jump on the healthy eating bandwagon and try one of these deliciously-colourful rainbow meals tonight. Packed with whole grains, vegetables, beans or lean proteins, nuts, berries and seeds, these macrobiotic one-bowl dinners (to use the proper name) are nourishing and fully customisable, so you can include the ingredients you love.

You might even stumble across a brilliant food combo you never knew existed. Just try not to spend the whole time taking pictures of it because it's going to look amazing.

21 Things We Love in Our Macro Bowl Dinners

Pick and mix your favourites from the list below or add in whatever else you fancy! The general idea is to include 20-30% whole grains, 40-60% vegetables and 5-10% lean protein like grilled chicken or tofu.

1. Quinoa

2. Broccoli

3. Kale

4. Roasted sweet potatoes

5. Pumpkin seeds

6. Tofu

7. Chia seeds

8. Pickled ginger

9. Miso soup

10. Soba noodles

11. Brown rice

12. Tahini

13. Avocado

14. Strawberries

15. Edamame

16. Almonds

17. Beetroot

18. Red cabbage

19. Greek yoghurt

20. Black beans

21. Grilled chicken breast

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