Cupcake Wars UK: Indulgence Cupcake Company Full Interview

We sent two cupcake bakers stateside with their piping bags for the ultimate sweet battle, filming a very special episode of Cupcake Wars UK.

We chatted to Jeremy Jacobs, from Indulgence Cupcake Company, to get the cakey lowdown.

How did you find the competitors?

We met two of them on the way out and they were really lovely but obviously we were aware that we were going into competition. We said if one of us won or got chucked out, we’d be good to support them. The other two contestants we didn’t really get to meet them before.

How did you find it on set?

I thought I’d be really overwhelmed by it all but I actually went on set prior to the actual day to do some prep work, so I’d already seen it. When we walked on set for the competition I don’t think we were as fazed by it as I was. It just felt a bit surreal really.

How did you find it facing the judges?

I was obviously anxious because you put so much of yourself into. You’re putting your heart and your soul into it really and you’re preparing yourself mentally for them to rip you to pieces. In the first round I thought I didn’t want to go out and my heart was beating fast, just waiting for the answer really.

What were the best comments from the judges?

In the first round Florian said that he absolutely loved the recipe and that he wanted a copy of it after. That definitely stuck with me.

What were the worst comments from the judges?

We got some negative feedback around some of our cakes in the second round, which was fair enough as we had made a few simple mistakes. I don’t feel there was anything too critical. The reason we stayed in was that our recipes, with a few minor adjustments, would be really good.

What went well?

We were often running out of time and rushing everything last minute, but we found we worked well as a team.

Was there a point where you felt like it was going wrong? A crisis moment?

Lots! First round we were worried that our cakes would be too warm and we had to put them in the freezer. We were fine, it was just a little bit of a stress.

What was your favourite moment during filming?

Realising we were going through to the final round. The two goals we had going in were that we didn’t want to get chucked out in the first round and we wanted to make it through to the final round.

How did you find the final round?

I wished we’d pushed harder to make more changes to the final design. If we’d done things slightly differently we’d have had a better chance at winning. Overall, we’re proud of what we achieved.

Was the experience what you expected?

I came away a bit numb but looking back at it now I think that was a sign that it was what I was expecting. We’d never been in a LA TV studio before and it was fascinating to see how it all works. I think preparation in the run-up to it gave me an idea of what I was expecting, so I wasn’t really that shocked.

What has been your trip highlight?

Coming home. We travelled such a long distance and our family and friends were so behind us and so proud of what we’d achieved and we did it for them and we did it for my nan who unfortunately isn’t with us anymore, and my mum who couldn’t be with us. Okay, we didn’t win, but we did amazingly well and coming home to that feeling was fantastic.

What do you think this will do for your business?

I hope that it will show the UK what we have to offer. We make great products, we have the passion and the drive and we hope that people can see that.

Has it changed your approach to baking?

No. Absolutely not. We believe in what we do and while there was some feedback that might be seen as negative, we don’t feel like anything we did was wrong. If you look at the positive feedback you’ll see they had a lot of that too. We’ve got a product we believe in and we’re not going to be changing that.

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