The Definitive Ranking of Christmas Kitchen Gadgets

We’re going crazy for gadgets this Christmas. Whether you’re looking to buy someone the perfect gift to grace their kitchen, or in need of some help cooking your Christmas dinner, we’ve found our 10 favourite accessories that you simply have to have. No matter what you’re making, we’re sure we’ll find the kitchen gadget to help you on your way.

1. Snow Cone Ice Crusher

Spotted on: Pretty Box

It wouldn’t be Christmas without snow, but edible snow is even better! Whip up some tasty treats with the kids, or throw a ‘snow themed’ party… this slushy maker will be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

2. Kenwood Chef Sense

Spotted on: Kenwood

Throw your baking dramas away this Christmas. Kenwood have saved the day with their new Chef Sense. From mixing, to kneading; whisking to beating, Kenwood have designed their new product to cover all instances of baking and cooking. It’s the perfect gift for the home baker, but will also make your Christmas stress free!

3. Croquembouche Set

Spotted: John Lewis

Any keen baker will add this to the top of their Christmas list. Designed to let you assemble the perfect choux bun tower, your ideas for festive desserts will be set. Create the perfect show-stopping dessert with this fantastic baking gadget.

4. Ceramic Fondue Set

Spotted: John Lewis

If you’re worried about cooking the perfect starter this Christmas, look no further. We’re all about fondue. Easy to prepare, easy to share and with this Ceramic Fondue Set from John Lewis you have one less thing to think about.

5. Wine Aerator

Spotted: Amazon

Decanting wine for hours at a time is now a thing of the past. For just £20 you can buy a Vituri Wine Aerator that will enhance your wine as your pour. It makes the perfect gift for red wine lovers but also assists you at dinner parties over the festive period.

6. Kenwood Rapid Bread Maker

Spotted: Kenwood

Why would you not bake your own bread? The smells that fill your kitchen, and the taste difference is incredible! Wake up on Christmas morning to the smell of freshly baked bread, a treat for all the family.

7. Peanut Butter Maker

Spotted: Oddity Mall

One of the most random kitchen gadgets we’ve come across but who wouldn’t want their very own personal supply of peanut butter? The retro design, we think, makes it the best silly gift you’ll get this year.

8. Mousse Siphon

Spotted on: Amazon

Probably a gift for the kitchen savvy, but if you’re in need of creating the perfect mousse, or sauce to accompany your festive feast, look no further. This Mousse Siphon can handle both hot and cold mixtures and is sure to give your finished dish an added finesse.

9. SteakStones

Spotted on: Oddity Mall

Meat lovers everywhere won’t be able to live without these lava stones. Letting you cook and prepare meat right on your table, it’s the perfect entertaining gadget and fun for everyone to get involved.

10. Smeg Retro Mini Bar Fridge

Spotted on: Smeg

You can’t get much cuter than these mini fridges released by Smeg. In a choice of three colours, it will brighten up any room and is a great addition to bedrooms, offices and man caves. We have to say we really do want one for ourselves!

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