Every Subway Order Ranked from Worst to Best – Do You Agree?

It's time to rank the best Subway combinations of all time. Whether you rely on a 6" sub for lunch, or slyly buy one as a guilty pleasure on a Friday night we want to know whether you agree with our ranking.

Image source: Instagram/@tunameltsmyheart

From the classic Subway Melt, to the sub that split our office, the Meatball Marinara, we need to settle things once and for all. We thought it would be a good idea to ease you in to this by sharing a snap of everybody's favourite sandwich-loving pup on Instagram, @tunameltsmyheart.

Vote at the end of our list and make sure you have your say.

17. Tuna

It was a unanimous vote for tuna unfortunately. We just don't know why you would ever order it after scouring all of the other epic Subway options.

Image source: Subway