What's Hot: The FDSE Index


Forget the stocks and shares of the financial FTSE - this is all about the stocks and sauces of the FOOD-SE Index. Every week we will attempt to chew over and digest what's been happening in the food world this week. Come by to find out what's cooking!

School Dinners

School dinners aren't hot. Well, mine certainly never were. Lukewarm, maybe. Tepid, sure. But hot? Well, this week the school dinners of one Scottish primary school student have been a seriously hot topic. Martha, a nine-year-old from Argyll and Bute, was banned from uploading pictures of her daily dinners to her food blog Never Seconds. On Friday, as the Telegraph and the BBC reported, this decision was overturned by SNP leader Roddy McCuish. After a massive backlash on micro-blogging site Twitter, including a supportive tweet from Jamie Oliver, the camera was allowed back into the cafeteria!


Pitt Cue Trailer, the street food truck that became the popular London restaurant Pitt Cue Co., reopened this week - and they are literally bringing pickle back. Along with pulled pork and other American classics, they are serving picklebacks – a drink in which a shot of whiskey is chased by a shot of pickle brine (the juice from a jar of pickles). Great or gross?


Or maybe it should be. As the Independent reported this week, a new study has revealed the shocking lack of knowledge about food amongst young people. 36% of 16 to 23-year-olds do not know bacon comes from pigs, while four in 10 failed to link milk with an image of a dairy cow. An astonishing 7% linked milk to wheat. Looks like Generation Y needs to hit the books. Or the farmyard.


Well, cane sugar, as opposed to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It is HFCS which – according to the Guardian this week – is perhaps the major reason that we are on average three stone heavier than we were in the 1960s. Cheaper and more flexible, it has helped to make us reliant on an unnaturally sugary hit.


Most particularly those on the new Coca-Cola bottle - the first new bottle in the UK for nearly 20 years. As the Daily Mail reported, the drinks giant are releasing a new 375ml bottle – which they plan to one day replace the 330ml can – as a cheaper and greener vessel. Cheaper for them, mind - this bottle will make the 'slurp for slurp' cost tougher on our own bank balances than the tin-can alternative.

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"Forget the stocks and shares of the financial FTSE - this is all about the stocks and sauces of the FOOD-SE Index. Come by each week to find out what's cooking!"