How to Create a Fondant Rose: Detailed Instructions

1. Knead the fondant to make it soft and pliable. It should be 10 balls in total for the three layered rose, one of which needs to be rolled into a one inch sausage on the palm of your hand. The balls should be 1 cm in diameter.

2. Press the balls flat on one side only, creating a gentle gradient from the thickest side to the thinnest. Do the same with the sausage of fondant, smoothing down the longest edge.

3. Carefully remove all the petals from the plastic wallet.

4. Place the sausage of fondant on your forefinger, with the thick end at the bottom and the thinnest edge facing up. Roll closed and pick up your first petal.

5. Place this thick end towards the floor and thin end pointing up, behind the bud and leave the right hand flap of the petal open.

6. Slot the next petal inside this flap and repeat until you have three petals in place. Use the next three petals to make the second layer in exactly the same way and the final three petals to make the third layer to your rose.

7. Gently tease the petals outwards to make the rose 'bloom'.

8. Take a palette knife and cut the excess fondant from the bottom.

9. Place your finished rose on top of an iced cupcake.

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