23 Hush-Hush Vegetable Cakes


Shhh! Don't tell anyone but these cakes are good for you. Okay, that might not be strictly true, but they do all have one thing in common.

Hidden beneath the layers of buttercream, lurking in sponge so utterly moist that you have to interrogate the baker, is a top-secret ingredient. The baker will whisper their secret to you. You won't believe their answer. You will gasp. The words 'no way' will fall from your mouth. Because the secret ingredient is a vegetable.

You read that correctly. Vegetables are the hush-hush ingredient in so many cakes. Do you think about those vitamin-packed carrots in your carrot cake? On a blind taste test, could you identify the deep, earthy beetroot enhancing the chocolate flavours in our Rich Beetroot Chocolate Cake? Or the mashed potato creating an unbelievably soft sponge in our Potato Chocolate Mini Cupcakes?

Better still, test these recipes out on your friends and watch their disbelief.

For those after a more pedestrian cake take a look at our Cake Collection.

Hannah Harman