Knorr Chef Igor Zago

For Igor, cooking is all about friends, family and great food. His Italian roots clearly influence his fresh, hearty dishes as well as his relaxed cooking style.

Keeping things simple in the kitchen, he uses traditional flavour combinations to create delicious, warming favourites like meaty pies, creamy pastas and wholesome roasts.

Beyond the traditional, Igor’s dishes are rich and bold in flavour. No wonder his taste buds were so suited to developing Knorr’s robust Knorr Gravy Pots.

Igor's Recipes

Roast Beef

Learn how to make succulent roast beef smothered in rich, flavoursome gravy.

Leg of Spring Lamb

Tender lamb roasted to perfection with rosemary, honey and Dijon mustard.

Roast Chicken with Gravy

Hearty, herby roast chicken served with all the classic trimmings.

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Roast Chicken
Roast Chicken