14 Life-Changing Kitchen Gadgets You Could Probably Afford

Whether it's as simple as a see-through toaster, a fancy Kenwood blender or an awesome chihuahua taco holder, having these kitchen gadgets in your life will definitely make it better.

1. Muffin Top Jeans Cupcake Moulds

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Looking for a reason to eat fewer muffins, or out just looking for LOLs? You probably need to get these.

2. Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender

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A wide range of attachments mean that your Triblade hand blender can do so much more than just blend. Create the perfect creamy mash or soups with the MasherPro attachment, chop herbs for cooking or salsa for dipping in seconds with the chopper attachment. You can even whisk up egg whites and batters with the beaker and balloon whisk attachment.

3. Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden

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An indoor herb garden inspired by NASA technology which will give your herbs the right amount of water, oxygen and nutrients at all times. All you need to do is add the seeds, turn it on and water it once a month.

4. Condiment Gun

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A must-have for any barbecue, bonfire or birthday party. As if you needed a reason to eat more ketchup.

5. Pizza Cutter Fork

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This makes way too much sense for you to ignore. You only need to use one hand and it won’t get all greasy which might even make you feel better about stuffing your face with pizza. Win.

6. Cookie Pop Pan

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Bake cookies on lollipop sticks for cute, portable party or picnic treats.

7. Lemon Atomizer

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Juicing is for suckers – grab yourself an atomizer you can plug into any citrus fruit to add a zing to salad, grilled meat and fish.

8. Wide Bag Caps

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Seal up half-eaten bags of crisps, nuts and pretty much anything else with these air-tight bag caps and you won’t feel bad about throwing food away ever again.

9. Duo Oven

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Make loitering around the kitchen waiting for a cake to bake more satisfying by cooking a pizza at the same time with this duo oven. It lets you cook two things at different temperatures – at the same time! Why? Because you can.

10. Chihuahua Taco Holder

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Because floppy tacos with the filling falling out is the worst.

11. Food Huggers Fruit and Veggie Savers

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Don’t chuck that halved onion in the bin or let it shrivel up in the fridge. Give it a cuddle by snapping on one of these food huggers. It’ll keep for much longer.

12. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

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When barbecuing isn’t an option and only hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner will do.

13. Double Dish

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No need for two separate olive, pistachio or edamame bowls anymore because this bowl-in-a-bowl makes too. much. sense.

14. Hand-Warming Coffee Mug

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Your frozen paws will fit snugly into this mug. Just add coffee, tea, or whatever else you fancy.

Sanjana Modha

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