Hot for 2017: Meringue Coffee Is Exactly What Your Mornings Need

Image source: Daniel Food Diary

Let’s forget about January detoxes for a minute and think about the crazy, magnificent drinks that have taken over our social media feeds and stolen our hearts.

First there was the pumpkin spice latte, the brainchild of Starbucks which became so popular, the launch is now an annual event. Somehow, we all know that once the PSL is out, it’s officially autumn.

After that, the freakshake was born. These monstrous mashups invaded our Instagram feeds in 2016, overloaded with sweet stuff ranging from doughnuts and cupcakes, to waffles and cookies. It was exactly the right place to share photos of crazy, rainbow-coloured drinks you'd rather gawk at than actually eat.

More recently, the hot chocolate marshmallow that blooms in to a flower has had people queueing down the road for a cup. Created by Dominique Ansel bakery (of Cronut fame), a marshmallow bound with edible paper is dropped in to a cup of hot chocolate, only for delighted cocoa lovers to watch it “bloom” in to a pretty flower moments later.

Next on the list of hot drinks to grab a selfie with comes via South Korea. This delicious espresso is crowned with a snowdrift of meringue, taller than the coffee cup itself. The drink itself is called Paul’s Meringue Factory and it’s from Take Out Drawing, a café in Seoul. If there's one crazy drink to sample in 2017, it has got to be this spiky-haired concoction.

Digestives and a cup of tea are simply going to have to make way for this ultra-trendy meringue coffee. At this art cafe, the meringue cookie is pre-baked and dropped in rather than piped on and torched, s’mores style. They're crunchy, sweet and perfect for dunking in to the shot of milky espresso underneath. No need for syrup, sugar or whipped cream.

The café also serves cream-filled cakes, sunset cocktails, including one cosmic galaxy-themed one called Story of Hyperspace. It looks out of this world.

Boomerangs of baristas dusting the snowy meringue peaks are hitting our newsfeeds right now. Go and check them out, or be a complete whiz and try making one at home. If you do, share photos with us on our Facebook page.

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