22 Most Shocking Food Tattoos

Have you ever seen a tattoo so shocking, you wondered if the subject realised it was going to be stuck on them forever? We scoured the web to create our very own food tattoo hall of shame. This is what we found.

1. Bacon and Beer

BFFs for life.

2. Mix It Up

Can’t afford a KitchenAid? This is one way to get one.

3. How to Remember Your Mum’s Recipe

They forgot the dash of good taste.

4. Pastry Chef Portrait

Maybe having a cupcake at hand for all emergencies isn’t such a bad idea.

5. Fast Food Fan

So bad, it can’t be real. It probably isn’t – or at least we hope it isn’t.

6. Are you Pho real?

Vietnamese noodle soup for life!

7. The Owl with a Fancy Hat

Surely the only way to serve cake is on top of a bird’s noggin.

8. I Believe I Can Fly

In all fairness, chicken is probably the best kind of wing tattoo to get.

9. Asparagus Shortage

Combat the short asparagus season by getting a bunch tattooed on your arm.

10. Always Lovin’ It!

Possibly always regretting it, too.

11. Bacon ‘n’ Eggs

Should be made available in scratch ‘n’ sniff. You know it’s true.

12. The ‘I’m Hungry’

I wonder if their bottom lip is constantly unfolded?

13. I’ll Take You to The Candy Shop

Unfortunately, this is a lolly nobody wants to lick.

14. A True Connoisseur of Fine Dining

He’s making Colonel Sanders proud.

15. The ‘I Have No Regrets’

Are you sure about that?

16. Yup?


17. Marrow Through The Heart

This tatted up foodie clearly loves a good marrow bone. Just be sure to give him a spoon.

18. The Pork Lip

Think of it this way, next time they order in a restaurant, all they need to do is unfold their lip.

19. Middle Class Rebel

One would fancy to tell you, one has a penchant for foie gras, darling!

20. Ice, Ice Baby

You’d think a true fan would get the name right. Bem and Jerry’s, anyone?

21. Jiving Meatball

You are the Dancing Meat, young and sweet, only seventeeeen.

22. For the Love of Turkey

This one must have cost an arm and a leg.

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