Only True Foodies Can Make It to The End of This Quiz Marathon

So you think you’re an expert foodie? Put your cooking knowledge to the test with these nine epic rounds of food-related questions, designed to reveal how much you really know about cooking.

Make it through to the very end to find out whether you’re a pro chef or a foodie flop in each of our sections. Tread carefully and remember that each round is designed to challenge you to the max.

These aren’t your typical food quizzes – you’ll need to rely on your experience of eating out, visiting the supermarket, cooking with a variety of ingredients and watching your favourite chefs do their thing on TV. Don’t get too frazzled as it’s all about making it to the very end.

Find out how much you really know about basic seasonings, how well you recognise the nation’s favourite foods and what you know about international cheeses.

Let's do this.

ROUND 1: Test your cheese knowledge

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