The Rib Man’s Guide to Making Perfect BBQ Ribs

What could be better in the summer than a rack of slow-cooked barbecue ribs? We chatted to the Rib Man to find out what makes his ribs so special and how we can recreate this American classic from the comfort of our own garden.

What’s the best meat to use? I love all meat but pork ribs are my weapon of choice.

Do you prefer a rub or a sauce? I prefer cooking with a dry rub and using sauces after.

What tips would you give for the perfect marinade? I never leave the marinade for too long as I like the flavour of the meat to be the boss.

What do you cook them on? I have just started using a charcoal made from reclaimed hardwood, in a carbon neutral factory from the London Log Company and its awesome. Never rush cooking or resting, it will be ready when its ready.

What’s the best way to serve them? As much as I love ribs on the bone, I've always felt we were missing out on the real flavour from inside each and every rib. That's why I like to let my ribs cook in their own juices until the bones fall out, when the meat is juicy and as soft as piggy possible.

Want to make yours at home? Here are our 9 best rib recipes.

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