14 Signs You’re in a Long-Term Relationship with Your Stand Mixer

Whipping up a mouth-watering bake like the ones in the gallery above has never been easier since you got that beautiful, shiny new stand mixer. It makes you feel like a serious baker and your countertop is somehow more complete.

You can’t imagine baking something without it and the thought of whisking egg whites by hand sends shivers down your spine.

Coming from someone who loves nothing more than watching that magic balloon whisk create the fluffiest buttercream frostings and stiffest Italian meringues, these are the telltale signs that confirm you might be in a long-term relationship with your stand mixer. I know I am.

1. The Thought of Making Meringue Without It Isn’t Worth Thinking About

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Unless you have the biceps of Popeye, making meringue by hand is totally out of the question. Getting all those air bubbles into egg whites takes time, patience and a whole lot of stamina - and that's something you don’t always have.

You can always count on your stand mixer to come to the rescue when you’re in the mood for a luscious pavlova, eton mess or meringue cookies.

2. Takeaway Pizza? No Longer an Option

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Now you’ve discovered how easy it is to make amazing pizza bases using the dough hook attachment in your stand mixer, takeaway pizzas have gone out of the window. There’s nothing like a freshly-baked pizza with a crisp base and every topping your heart desires.

3. You’ve Instagrammed Your Meringue or Buttercream-Coated Whisk

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Seriously, this is a thing of beauty. If you’ve ever whipped up a cloud-like meringue with peaks Snowdonia would envy, you know it’s a sight worth sharing. Add a filter (FYI, Ludwig is great for meringue) and every hashtag under the sun to insta-shout, ‘Hey everyone, look how stiff my peaks are!’

4. You Have Strong Opinions on Creaming Butter and Sugar

It makes all the difference when you’re baking a cake. Giving the sugar and butter time to hang out with each other and become a friendly duo makes incorporating all the other ingredients so much easier.

5. You Only Buy Kitchen Equipment That Matches The Colour of Your Stand Mixer

It’s a well-known fact that a stand mixer is the trendiest piece of equipment in any kitchen, so it’s only right that everything else follows suit.

6. You Think Kneading By Hand Is a Great Way to Waste Time

Forget fancy kneading techniques, this is a job for the dough hook.

7. You’ll Only Top Your Hot Chocolate with Homemade Marshmallows

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The first time you made homemade marshmallows in your stand mixer, everyone said you were out of your mind. But you know as well as I do that there’s nothing quite like a soft, pillowy marshmallow with real vanilla seeds crowning the top of your hot chocolate. If you haven’t tried it, know that adding all the ingredients in the right order and leaving your stand mixer to do all the hard work is all it takes to bless your life with this luxury.

8. You Make Sure Your Stand Mixer is Spotless for When Guests Come Over

People are totally going to and check it out so it needs to look its best while you gush like a loony over how it has changed your life.

9. You’ve Bought Decals to Jazz Up Your Stand Mixer

It’s like a tattoo for a stand mixer and you love yours like it’s a real person so why shouldn’t it have its own identity? Let it be free!

10. You Think Spending 5 Minutes Whipping Cream Is Way Too Long

The stand mixer does it in one minute. Fact.

11. You’re Now a Bit of a Pasta Connoisseur

Homemade pasta dough is never something you thought you’d make and now you’re teaching your mates the difference between orzo and orecchiette. Making fresh pasta in your stand mixer takes minutes and makes your homemade dishes taste like they’re from a restaurant. You’re pretty proud of that, aren’t you?

12. Whenever You See a Stand Mixer on TV or in a Shop You Won't Shut Up About How Great Yours Is

As if you were some sort of proud stand mixer parent, you tell whomever you’re with that your kMix has everything the other one doesn’t have. ‘OMG, it’s powerful, durable, stylish…’

13. You’re So Over Potato Mashers and Ricers

Whipping super-soft, boiled potatoes with milk and butter in the stand mixer produces the creamiest, most delicious mash ever. Hand-held mashers and ricers aren’t even an option anymore.

14. You’ve Actually Named Your Stand Mixer

It’s not something you talk about in public but a crucial part of your relationship with one another – one that’s going to last forever.

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