The Pink Pineapple is Going to Be 2017’s Most Instafamous Food

First there was the square watermelon, and then the candy floss grape and before we knew it, the internet went all Impractical Jokers on us again, this time pranking us with something so crazy, it had to be true. Behold; the pink-fleshed pineapple.

Created by lab wizards at Del Monte Fresh Produce, the pink pineapple has just been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It gets its’ blush pink colour from lycopene – the naturally occurring substance that gives red fruits like tomatoes and watermelons their crimson hues.

The aptly-named Rosé pineapple (aww) could be seen as the next natural evolution of rose gold everything dominating the fashion world and beyond. We’re talking accessories, outfits, homewares and even dog collars (yes, really). While the Instagram world continues to hashtag *almost* everything in life with #RoseGold, you can be content with the knowledge that not only does the Rosé pineapple look the part, Del Monte also claims the fruit is “extra sweet” due to the addition of lycopene.

Be prepared, this new fruity food trend may start clogging up your Instagram feed in summer 2017. They could be split down the middle, sliced into rings for pink cocktails, chunked up in fruit salads, crowning the top of upside-down cakes or filled with the latest soy, chia and açaí smoothie blend. Coconut sugar optional, of course.

Alongside the Rosé pineapple, foods in varying shades of purple will also be taking over social media feeds, if they haven’t already. We’ll see the rise of colourful foods like purple potatoes, heirloom carrots and ube — a tuberous root vegetable common in the Philippines killing it on Instagram.

We don’t know about you but we’re still holding out for a chocolate-flavoured avocado – Chococado, anyone?

The mysterious pink flesh of the pineapple is currently a closely-guarded secret over at Del Monte HQ. It’s likely online photos are currently Photoshopped images of normal pineapples.

Pineapple: Will it Fry?
Pineapple: Will it Fry?
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