These Eye-Popping Galaxy Desserts Are Beyond Breathtaking

Attention all cake-loving space nerds! We bring cake. We've taken a moment to gather 10 galaxy-inspired desserts that are quite frankly, out of this world. From dark and mysterious nebula cakes with flashes of star dust and tonnes of cosmic sprinkles, to multi-coloured swirl macarons. Even if space isn't your thing, they'll leave you feeling dazzled. Feel the force!

1. Black Velvet Nebula Cake

Spotted on: SprinkleBakes

Made with painter's sea sponges and hog bristle brushes, this eye-wateringly beautiful cake is a must for any space-lover's birthday. Clever star rays, bright white stars and auras tells us this artistic masterpiece could only be from the ever-brilliant SprinkleBakes blog.

Feel the force!
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