This Week in Pictures: The Answers June 29 2012


See if you got all the stories right in our weekly exploration of the most stomach-churning, awe-inspiring, drool-worthy food stories.

Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco Launches

New face Jenny Morris burst onto our screens this week with her show Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco. Taking us on an odyssey through the varied foods of Morocco, Jenny's recipes range from butter-soft Moroccan Chicken to herb-laden Seared Steak Salad.

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British Strawberry Season Starts

Nothing says summer like a British strawberry and whilst they taste great with sugar and cream, it's worth taking a little more time for a tart, trifle, cake or flan for a stunning centrepiece.

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McDonald's Reveals It's Photoshop Secrets

Ever wondered why your McDonald's burger never looks like the ones in the ads? Director of marketing for McDonald’s Canada, Hope Bagozzi took to YouTube with a behind-the-scenes video to answer this exact question as posed by customer Isabel M. on the McDonald's Canada website.

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Man Mows Broccoli and Other Food Art Oddities

Luckily for us, 'don't play with your food' is a piece of advice food artists Carl Warner, Christopher Boffoli and Mo Tipton chose not to heed. Instead they set about creating fantastical sweet-laden cottages, chocolate railways and forests of broccoli florets.

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What Olympic Athletes Really Eat

Members of Turkey's Olympic team shared their diet secrets in the run up the games, now less than a month away. Spreads full of water, fresh fruit and protein foods will not have surprised many, but piles of sweets? You better believe it.

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Barbecue Festival Food Network On Fire Announced

We're holding the event of the summer for the most humble of cooking forms, the barbecue. The Food Network on Fire festival will be taking place in Covent Garden on the 17th-19th August and it's free!

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Saucy Barbecue Tip

Whoever thought of making a hot dog spiral is clearly a food genius. Not only does this technique mean that your hot dog cooks quicker and has more surface area for crispy bits, but the meat coil cradles sauce and relish giving an even distribution with every bite. Told you, genius.

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Apprentice Finalist Gets Funding for Food App

Nick Holzherr of BBC Apprentice fame has secured funding for his recipe and ingredients buying app and website, Whisk. The website is currently accepting sign ups and expects to be live within the next few months.

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Drool Over YOLO (You Only Live Once) Recipes

YOLO, or You Only Live Once is a motto that is frequently invoked in the Food Network offices to excuse all manner of food hedonism. In fact, we thought, why not celebrate those moments of caution-to-the-wind indulgences of oh-so good foods that are just a little bit naughty.

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"Whoever thought of making a hot dog spiral is clearly a food genius."