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10 Red Velvet Fails

We scoured the web to find the bakers, bloggers and food lovers brave enough to show off their red velvet mishaps… And there are a few! Beware of number 9. You have been warned.

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Edible Wardrobe Cake

This is what dreams are made of. What could be better than a birthday cake made to look like a bulging wardrobe? Birmingham cake sculptor, Steph Parker, spent 40 hours on this edible masterpiece and even incorporated an iPad into one of the doors for extra shopping. It’s just too good to eat.

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Kit Kat Pops

Pizza Hut Middle East’s latest addition to their menu is Kit Kat Pops. What this actually means is Kit Kat bars baked into pizza dough. Not got a sweet tooth? Don’t panic, they have a cheese version too.

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10 Sexiest Red Velvets in the World

From a gorgeous heart-shaped layer cake to gooey red velvet s'mores bars, these are the sexiest red velvets ever. Guaranteed to make your mouth water and your friends love you.

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Gangnam Style Chips

If you’ve missed YouTube hit Gangnam Style then where have you been? PSY’s infamous horse ride dance has even made it on to the front of McDonald’s Malaysia’s chip packets. Yes, that’s right, you can now season your chips, do the dance and then eat.

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25 Doughnut Recipes

This week’s Great British Bake Off technical challenge saw the remaining competitors battling jam doughnuts. Perfect them from the comfort of your own home with our 25 best doughnut recipes.

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Deep Fried, Bacon-stuffed Potato Fritters

KFC Japan has gone all out with the latest addition to their menu. Mixing a number of comfort-food staples they’ve created bacon potato fritters. Mashed potatoes, bacon, herbs and sour cream are battered, fried and squashed into a patty. It’s like two sides mashed into one.

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"From a gorgeous heart-shaped layer cake to gooey red velvet s'mores bars, these are the sexiest red velvets ever."