Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Wedding Cakes

Let’s face it; your big day is about three things: the outfits, the venue and most importantly, the cake. It’s simple; when wedding cakes are good, they’re great, and even if they’re bad, they’re somehow still good.

Whether they’re made of cake balls, cheese, pork pies or anything in between, people are going to extreme lengths to get their paws on a unique cake for their special day. These weird and wonderful wedding cake trends will make your eyes glaze over in awe – Duff Goldman would be so proud.

Goodness Gracious Cake Balls of Fire

Spotted on: The Wedding Shoebox. Photography by Ashleigh Jayne

Move over cupcakes, there’s a new trend in town and they come in spherical form. Most of us have seen the notoriously cheeky cake balls made famous by blogging sensation, Bakerella, but they’ve since been taken to the next level of gorgeous.

Cake balls are simply cake crumbs held together with buttercream, rolled and coated with chocolate. They can be used to cover real or dummy cakes (using a lot of lollipop sticks!) Perfect if you want to save time slicing and serving your guests tired old fruit cake.

Naked Cakes

Spotted on: Rosie Parsons's blog

The middles of these cheeky-sounding cakes are filled with buttercream or ganache while the outside remains rustic and un-iced. That means the beautiful layers inside aren’t hidden away and you can appreciate the cake in all its spongy glory. See, not as naughty as you first thought.

Wedding Crepe?

Spotted on: Petite Rêve Chocolates

Looking for a wedding cake that’s so unusual it’s not even a cake? You’ll need loads of eggs, thirty frying pans and plenty of time to create a crepe cake. Made by stacking hundreds of wafer-thin crepes with buttercream or ganache, these elegant, attention-grabbing wedding cakes are not as skimpy as they sound.

His and Hers

Spotted on: Shockley's Sweet Shoppe. Photograph: Glenn Bashaw

Skip any squabbling with the cake that was made for couples – half for him and half for her. The bride’s side is covered in white fondant and the groom’s side is smothered in rich chocolate fondant. Smart.

Say Cheese!

Spotted on: House of Cheese

It’s not just pop music and your dad’s speech that can make a wedding cheesy. You could also swap your sponge for tiered wheels of mature Cheddar and Camembert. Assemble it yourself and decorate with fresh fruit and chutney if whimsical and minimalist is your cup of tea.

Going the Whole Hog

Spotted on: Conjurer's Kitchen

If cakes made of cheese aren’t weird enough, or if something terrible has happened to your sweet tooth, why not opt for a meaty alternative? Treat yourself to a tower of pork pies or even layers of assorted meats.

Bride and Gloom

Spotted on: CleverCow Cakes

Spooky cakes may be more suited to Halloween, but with couples searching for shocking wedding day desserts, we’ve witnessed the rise of the Gothic graveyard cake. And what better to crown these cakes than a skeleton bride and groom?

Have you spotted any weird and wonderful wedding cakes or picked up on a trend we’ve missed? Tell us about them below!

Sanjana Modha