Welcome to the Knorr Kitchen Academy

Whether your cooking style is meticulous and methodical or flamboyant and creative, there’s a Knorr chef to guide and inspire you in the kitchen. Combining years of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, chefs Igor Zago, Sebastien Grosdemange and Luigi Carola work to refine the Knorr range and recipes to perfection.

The launch of the Knorr Kitchen Academy on Facebook allows the chefs to share their knowledge, helping you to develop your culinary skills. Join the Academy to discover your cooking style, and find out which chef is best suited as your tutor. Following their advice, you can then expand your recipe repertoire and improve your culinary understanding. It's as easy as pie.

Meet The Chefs

Find out more about the Knorr chefs and take a look at their delicious recipes including Igor's Roast Beef, Sebastien's Creamy Wild Mushroom Chicken and Luigi's French Onion Soup.

Specialising in hearty and homely flavours, the Italian maestro, Igor has a fresh approach to classic dishes. Would he be your perfect tutor?

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Sebastien’s meticulous attention to detail ensures he always delivers full-flavoured results. Is this similar to your cooking style?

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Luigi's expert cooking techniques and show-stopping recipes are guaranteed to impress. Could you refine your cooking style under Luigi's guidance?

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