The World’s Most Fascinating Food Art

Irrespective of the fact that as children, we were told not to play with food, turning our favourite meals into a form of entertainment has become socially acceptable.

Terms like ‘foodscapes’ (that’s landscapes made up of foods to you and me) have crept their way into our vocabulary, people are crafting meals into jewellery, and creating art pieces featuring little plastic men mowing erm… Broccoli.

The Doll’s Dinner

Whether it’s a gold burger dangling from a bracelet or a Victoria sponge made entirely of fondant, our love of food art and miniature food in particular, seems to have emerged from a revival of the doll house. Putting food on the table for a family of dolls is a necessity for die-hard fans, but what happens when somebody decides they want a tiny red velvet cake as a pair of earrings instead?

Websites like The Mouse Market and Etsy have become great outlets for miniature modellers to showcase their finest penny-sized foods. Miniature food sculptor and entrepreneur, Mo Tipton (of The Mouse Market) told me, ‘My parents created a dollhouse for me as a child and since then I’ve been positively obsessed with miniatures. I decided to go to pastry school and the worlds of miniatures and food collided when I started selling my work online.’

However, it’s not just little food that’s been making an impact on the food art scene. Seattle-based photographer, Christopher Boffoli’s “Disparity” series sees him creating food scenes peppered with toy dolls. Imagine you’re a giant outsider looking into a world of tiny people living amongst huge food. His interpretations of American society and their food fetishes are fascinating, fresh and fudging genius.

Speaking of food-saturated living spaces, British photographic artist and judge of Food Network Challenge’s Incredible Edible Landscapes episode, Carl Warner, has been busy creating his own little worlds made entirely of food.

Featuring a broccoli forest with sourdough mountains and cauliflower clouds, Carl's mesmerising surrealist works have filled the pages of two books; one of which is, ‘Aimed at encouraging children to think differently about food and experiment with their diet.’ And with candy cottages, rocks that are really tomatoes, and pyramids crafted out of cheese, there’s no denying the dreaminess and charm of his edible landscapes.

With such a wealth of food art already on the menu, my inner voyeur is finding it difficult to guess what we’ll be served next. All I know is that I’m hungry for more.

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Sanjana Modha

With thanks to:

Mo Tipton, The Mouse Market

Christopher Boffoli
UK representation: Flaere Gallery (London)
UK notecards: Silverstamp

Carl Warner
Carl Warner's Food Landscapes
A World of Food

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