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Is It Okay to Eat McDonald’s on Holiday?

Pact Coffee and Date Loaf


When coffee is fresh, it tastes better. A lot better. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Pact Coffee, to enable you to taste what seriously-fresh coffee tastes like, for just £1.

40 days of thumb-twiddling

The more time that goes by after roasting, the less good the coffee tastes. Just to put that into perspective, supermarket coffee spends about 40 days sitting around, twiddling its thumbs before it gets to you.

Pact Coffee is sent to you within a week of being roasted, which makes all the difference.

Time to take a trip

When signing up for Pact Coffee deliveries, you can activate what is referred to as ‘The Randomiser’, which selects a new coffee for you for each delivery.
This enables you to explore the whole world of coffee from the comfort of your home. At any one time we have at least five different coffees on the ever-changing menu. From the silky Tanzanian, Nyoni Peaberry, to a full, dark chocolatey Brazilian called Capim Branco.

Trial Your First Bag of Pact Coffee for £1

Simply use the exclusive voucher code FNBLOG on and terrific coffee will land on your doormat before you can say “I wonder when that Pact Coffee delivery will arrive…?”

Eat, drink and be buzzing

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Love After Valentines: Cheesecake Strawberries

Sharing The Food Of Love


It's that time of year again. Love is in the air! 

If you are spending this Valentine's Day with your loved one, or even if you’re celebrating with friends, we’ve got the perfect romantic meal to set the mood for the weekend of love. Whether you are doing something special or just want to test your culinary skills, we’re sharing our ultimate menu that will help you share your love of cooking.

Along with appetisers and drinks, we’ve prepared a full three course meal that will be your new Valentine’s survival kit.

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New Show: Andy’s Brazilian Street Feasts


Andy Bates, otherwise known as the ‘Pie Man’, is famous in the street food industry as he creates hearty dishes for people on the go. After travelling throughout the UK and America in search of the best street delicacies, he now finds himself in Brazil!

Recognised as one of the most vibrant and colourful countries in South America, Brazil is a nation who embrace food and especially the street food community.

Andy’s new adventure has taken him from the stunning beaches of Brazil to the bustling cities like Rio de Janeiro. Throughout his travels he has experienced some incredible places and people. He threw himself into the diverse culture of the country, but we wanted to find out more! We caught up with one of our favourite chefs about his amazing experience:

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How to Have Guilt-Free Pasta


I don't like the term "guilt" being associated with food. However, I know a lot of people struggle with food anxiety (especially in the New Year) and I'm also not immune to eating certain things and feeling regret! Pasta, for me, is the biggest area where it's easy to overeat and immediately feel regret. 

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Happy Chinese New Year!

fried rice

Whether you’re celebrating this year, or not, the Chinese New Year holiday is the perfect excuse to immerse yourself with Chinese delicacies. But, before you start dreaming about how many dishes you’d like from your local take-away restaurant, why not get yourself involved in the cooking?!

Another food trend set for this year is the theory of ‘healthy cooking at home’ – and what better way than to start this weekend?

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13 Weird But Wonderful Cupcake Recipes

We are a nation who love cake… whether it's a sponge cake, cupcakes or even cake pops! We're also all for experimental baking, but when does it go too far?

I've found 13 of the weirdest but equally wonderfully creative cupcake recipes, both sweet and savoury. What will meet your baking approval and what flavours are just plain weird?

1. Cupcake Benedict

Courtesy of: Cupcake Project

Turning your favourite breakfast into a cupcake… genius or disaster?

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29 Crisp Flavours That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s official – crisp manufacturers have gone all-out bonkers. With these perfect snacky morsels being a staple in pretty much every household across the world, the competition to produce the most insane flavours has become something that’s addictive as the crisps themselves. From Blueberry flavour from Japan, to Maple Moose flavour courtesy of our Canadian friends, and our very own British Hog Roast, it seems that no stone has been left unturned in the international plight for new combinations. I scoured Pinterest for some of the craziest and here’s what I found.

1. Maple Moose Flavour

Image source

They’re a moost try.

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