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10 Surprising Things You Can Cook Sous Vide


Anyone who has heard of the sous vide cooking technique will likely first think of it as a method for perfectly cooking proteins: tender steaks, moist chicken, delicate fish and seafood, or 48-hour short ribs. Yum!

While these are all very great things to cook sous vide, there is a wealth of other foods you can prepare using the technique, that will make your sous vide cooker one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen.  It can cater to all food preferences and enable you to create every element of a meal, from the starter through to the sauces and condiments, through the main, sides, pudding and even alcoholic drinks. It's a one-stop cooking device that enable you to become truly creative, adventuring into new culinary territory and extend your cooking skills that will also save time, money and allow for a more healthful eating regime.  What’s not to love!

Why sous vide? Because it will intensify the flavours, preserve the nutritional quality, and make the process so foolproof and hands-free that you can even do it while you sleep! As The New York Times said, “Once you sous vide, you never go back!” 

We worked with SousVide Supreme to collate the following top ten foods that this self-contained sous vide water oven permits you to cook effortlessly, without the need for you to watch over the entire cooking process, to ensure the same temperatures are maintained throughout the cookign process. Its built-in precision temperature control technology ensures that all foods are cooked within 1 degree of the required temperature at all times. Its simple but effective baking rack also enables you to use your water oven as a bain marie and create the most beautiful puddings. Find out the 10 surprising things you can cook sous vide.


1) Infused Alcohols and Syrups

Creating your own flavour-infused liquors or syrups for retro cocktails has never been easier or faster. Sous vide deeply intensifies the natural flavours and the gentle heat speeds up the infusion process, reducing the infusion process by weeks and months to a matter of hours! This flexibility also means you can get creative and devise your own signature cocktails for summer parties, barbecues and social gatherings, even on the same day. Make your own Limoncello now in hours rather than weeks or months, and for guests who don’t drink alcohol, simply create your own unique flavour combinations and mix into ice tea, lemonade or club soda for non-alcoholic beverages with a bright fresh gourmet twist.

Suggested recipes: Easy Sous Vide Limoncello

2) Ricotta Cheese, Yogurt and Crème Fraiche

One of the most little known uses of the SousVide Supreme is creating the most beautiful yoghurt and Crème fraiches.  The precision temperature control of a non-stirred sous vide water bath makes cheese and yogurt-making effortless. Typically yoghurt makers don’t allow you to monitor the temperature during the cooking process. The accuracy of the SousVide Supreme and its constant moist environment allows for a silky consistency that is unrivalled.

Suggested recipes: Crème Fraiche

3) Condiments, Sauces, Fruits Coulis, Compotes

Sous vide intensifies natural flavours and allows you to use your imagination to develop your own unique and healthy condiments. No worries about MSG and the preservatives found in pre-prepared off-the-shelf sauces. You control what you put into your sauces and it is hands-free effortless.  Mustard, salsa, chutney and more – the possibilities are endless. Further for those trickier sauces the SousVide Supreme makes the process fool-proof. So you can now make hollandaise without risk of curdling or separating. For the perfect mustard simply place all ingredients into a zip pouch and cook for 8-12 hours, put into a food processor and puree. With the SousVide Supreme you can turn fresh fruits into delicious fruits coulis and compotes that are vibrant in colour and bursting with flavour and create the freshest and tastiest tomato-based pasta sauces adorning every pasta dish your own signature flavours.

Suggested recipes: Cranberry Sauce


4) Stock for Soups and Sauces

Make your own beef, chicken, vegetable, or seafood stock right in the water bath. No pouch required. You will need to use a non-stirred, self-contained water oven, not an immersion circulator for this purpose.

Suggested Recipes: Sous Vide Chicken Stock

5) Dessert Heaven! Make Cheesecake, Bread Pudding, Steamed Pudding, Pot de Crème, or Crème Brulee Like Never Before

An unstirred sous vide bath makes for the perfect bain marie for cooking those oven recipes requiring a water cushion and constant low temperatures.  For any dense steamed cakes or puddings that require steam such as sticky toffee pudding, the ability to maintain a constantly even temperature results in super-light puffed-up moist puddings. The water oven guarantees precision temperature control so there’s no need to manage this yourself throughout the cooking process or to ensure that it wont boil dry and it eliminates the challenge (and danger) of managing pots of sloshing boiling water onto the floor when filling and removing a pan from a traditional oven. Using SousVide Supreme’s special baking rack provides an elevated platform for cooking the most spectacular moist puddings and we guarantee that you will cook a cheesecake with the most incredible light consistency possible, almost like a mousse. 

Suggested recipes: Classic Crème Brûlée


6) The Perfect Egg

Eggs come in nature’s own “cooking pouch” – the egg shell itself! Simply place the whole eggs in the water bath to cook and you will be treated to perfectly soft poached eggs, exactly the way you like them. Brunch for 20? No problem. Cook 1 or 20 eggs at once or more and keep them perfectly soft-cooked until serving. Easy for making hard-cooked eggs, too.

Suggested recipes: Perfect Poached Eggs


7) Custards, Lemon Curd, Dulce de Leche, Zabaglione, and Ice Cream Base

Making custard can be such a labour that we often turn to off-the-shelf products. Cooking it in the SousVide Supreme however takes out all the hard work, so no constant stirring and attention or worries about curdling or burning on a stovetop. You will never cook custard any other way, once you try cooking it sous vide. Simple load ingredients into a cooking pouch and cook in the water oven, that’s it.

Suggested recipes: Dulce de Leche 

8) Overnight Oatmeal

Love a bowl of hot oatmeal for breakfast, but no time to cook it on the stove in the morning?  Simply drop it in the night beforehand and it will cook overnight and be ready to eat in the morning. Easier than stovetop and no clean up.

Suggested recipes: Oatmeal with Stewed Fruit Compote

9) Pickled Vegetables

It’s as easy as stovetop and no lingering vinegar odors in the kitchen. Quickly pickle green beans or asparagus for killer Bloody Mary's. Pickle carrots, cauliflower, or courgette for instant antipasti trays.

Suggested recipes: Pickled Seasonal Vegetables

10) Infused Vinegars and Oils

The gentle precise cooking temperatures speed up the flavor transfer of fresh herbs and berries to make gourmet vinegar without permeating the kitchen with strong vinegar odors. Use your favorite dried spices and seasonings to create flavorful oils for cooking or salads.

Suggested recipes: Orange Rosemary Infused Vinegar

Find out more about the SousVide Supreme.

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40 days of thumb-twiddling

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Pact Coffee is sent to you within a week of being roasted, which makes all the difference.

Time to take a trip

When signing up for Pact Coffee deliveries, you can activate what is referred to as ‘The Randomiser’, which selects a new coffee for you for each delivery.
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Trial Your First Bag of Pact Coffee for £1

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