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Jenny Morris, also known as The Giggling Gourmet, is one of South Africa's best-loved celebrity chefs. Join her on a culinary adventure in her new series, Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco.

Shows featuring Jenny Morris

Jenny Morris Cooks Morocco

Jenny Morris is taking you on a culinary adventure, exploring the diverse dishes of Morocco and showing you how to recreate authentic-tasting, fresh Moroccan meals at home.

Jenny Morris Cooks The Riviera

Jenny Morris takes us on a gastronomic journey around the French and Italian Riviera, discovering the many iconic ingredients and culinary adventures.

Chopped South Africa

Four chefs compete in this fast-paced culinary game show. Sitting behind the Chopping Block is a panel of three expert judges waiting to be wowed. Not shy to pass their culinary criticism and geared to zone in on the slightest mishap or mistake, only they will decide who will survive the Chopping Block and who will be CHOPPED from the competition.

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