Reza Mahammad

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Chef Reza Mahammad, is the manager of his family restaurant, The Star of India. He guides viewers through his tour of Indian cuisine in Reza, Spice Prince of India.

Shows featuring Reza Mahammad

Reza, Spice Prince Of India

This series follows chef Reza Mahammad, one of the UK's top Indian restaurateurs, on an unforgettable journey around India's regal residences to discover the history of royal food and feasting.

Reza's African Kitchen

Join Reza to learn the secrets of the African kitchen.

Reza Spice Prince of Vietnam

Reza Mahammad is on another culinary adventure through the stunning Vietnam. Where, along his travels, he experiences new spices and ingredients that inspire him to create his own Vietnamese-style dishes.

Reza Mahammad's Collection

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